About us

The Languages of Energy


What is not seen also exists




The Languages ​​of Energy® was born with the vision of working for the progress of social transformation and personal development through art, sound, food and healing, to generate a truly significant change that enhances the increased health and well-being of people.


Transform and transcend by putting the human at the center of priorities, creating social innovation programs through creativity, research, gastronomy and the emerging arts.


Our mission is to promote new forms of experience, building spaces for encounter and experimentation that enable personal experiences through community actions.



We are official partner of the New European Bauhaus, members of Catalyst2030 and of “GizARTE” Basque Network of Artistic Education for Social Transformation of UNESCO Etxea.

Also, we are organization selected of Kutxa Foundation, to be part of “Kutxa Kultur”, a support program for entrepreneurship of projects in the cultural and creative industries, which takes place at the “Tabakalera” International Centre for Contemporary Culture in San Sebastian (Basque Country_Spain)


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